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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your clients?

Our clients are world-class professionals with whom we have built strong and enduring relationships. Clients include energy marketing and distribution companies, utilities, hedge funds, proprietary traders and investment banks. Our typical reader already has substantial trading and risk management experience, though not necessarily experience with technical trading or analysis.

Do you provide individual consultation?

Yes, clients who wish to discuss important developments and their possible trading implications receive unlimited consultation as part of our regular service. Consultations are conducted during normal business hours via phone, email and instant message (IM) at the client's preference.

Do you offer custom or individualized research?

Yes, custom screening and monitoring is part of our regular service. Our research is focussed on the specific markets that are important to each individual client. This includes ranking markets and notifying clients if we believe there should be a change in position.

What are your fees and how often do you publish.

Please click here for subscription fees, terms, publishing schedule and service description.

Can I see samples?

Samples of our published reports are available to qualifed companies. See our Service page for details.

Where can I find definitions for all the terms used in your reports?

We maintain an updated and comprehensive glossary of technical analysis related terms. If you find a term not listed in our glossary, or for any reason don't understand what we are talking about, please contact us directly.

If I request information from you, will I end up on an e-mail spam list?

No. We never sell, rent, swap or share any user-specific information. Read our official Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions for further details.

Are you a stock or commodity broker? Do you manage money?

No. We have no financial relationships with any brokerage concern. Brokers are free to introduce their clients to our service, but we do not collect any commissions, fees or compensation of any kind from Brokers, under any circumstances. We do not manage money.

What is Adobe Acrobat Reader and why do I need it?

In order to read our reports, as well as much of the material found on this website, you will need Adobe Acrobat, which is the current standard in paperless publishing on the internet. With Acrobat Reader you can download, view, print, and save our reports in their original format (called Portable Document Format, or PDF for short). The Acrobat Reader software, including instructions for installation, can be downloaded for free from the Adobe Systems website.


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